The Spontaneous Combustion World Tour of Los Angeles

SponComb_FlamingNotelogoCOLOR_small.pngOvertone Industries presents The Spontaneous Combustion Choir World Tour of Los Angeles, a series of performances by the Spontaneous Combustion Choir for Los Angeles audiences, from January to March 2015. In addition to performing, the choir will engage audiences in collaborative creation of spontaneous music. The Spontaneous Combustion Choir is a catalyst for instant improvised chorale music. Conducted by O-Lan Jones, the group’s singing method builds harmonic chords, weaves melodies, and integrates rhythms, with singers who incorporate basic vowel sounds and no words; resulting in instant, cohesive, a cappella chorale music.

“As a group, there is an essential joy in singing together and creating vocal music, in harmony and rhythm,” says O-Lan Jones, Conductor of the Spontaneous Combustion Choir. “An intimate connection between people is developed when we listen to and tune into each other’s voices and intentions… individual, unique voices become part of a whole, creating music greater than the sum of its parts, reaffirming our human connections.” 

Come sing with us! Reserve your tickets here.

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